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Water-repellent Agent for Ceramic




Made in Japan / water-repellent agent for ceramic glaze

Low irritation, safer than solvent-based product, easy to clean and provide the water-proofing effect.


Used for biscuit (unglazed surface)

▪ To depart glaze (glaze-repellent property) and display the original color of the body

▪ Water-based system, no odor

▪ Not-flammable, safety

▪ Can be easily washed by water



„ STEP 1

   Shake well 30 minutes before use.


„ STEP 2

   Please draw directly on the biscuit with a brush, do not dilute with water or solvent, and do not add glaze.


„ STEP 3

   Please dry for more than 5mins before applying glaze.



   Water-based repellent V.S. solvent-based repellent agent


„ Apply solvent-based agent (blue) and water-based agent CP-A2 (red) on biscuit.



„ The water-repellent property of CP-A2 is a bit weaker than solvent-based, but the still provide good water repellent performance.



l Store in a cool place, be careful not to freeze it, so as not to fade the effect of the product.

l When working, be sure to use gloves, masks, goggles and other protective equipment.

l Keep out of reach of children.


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