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t Feature

Ceramic Filter and Catalyst Ceramic Filter are Taiwan made products mainly applied to filter industrial waste gas, remove dangerous pollutants and recycle powder processed at high temperature.

Replace Traditional Bag Filter: Compatible with standard bag filter design concepts.

High-temperature & Corrosion Resistance: Better performance than traditional filter bag.

Long Lifetime: Longer lifetime than traditional filter bag.

Thermal Recovery: After removal of dust & acid, the clean exhaust can improve the value of thermal recovery.

T-01-3000Target pollutants: Dust on process + Dust from deSOx process

The ceramic fiber filter are installed on the plates of dust collector directly and can be operated under high temperature. The solid structure provides high filtration efficiency and stability under long-run operation.

Assist to DeSOx: Use dry or semi-dry FGD and variety of alkali sorbent such as Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) or Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) to remove acid gas(SO2, HCl, HF…). Ceramic filter can be regarded as a DeSOx reactor. The surface of filter is full of lime cake to increase the reaction efficiency.

Operating temp.: 600°C

Instant Peak temp.: ≤ 900°C

Economic operating temp.: 250-375°C

(The correct design and auxiliary equipment are necessary for high temperature operation.)

M-01/02-3000Target pollutants: Particulates / Acid Gas / Nitrogen Oxides / Dioxins

In addition to dust filtration, it can remove acid gas (SO2, HCl, HF…) by injection of alkali reactants and remove NOx by adding ammonia and urea.

Catalyst distributed throughout filter element structure to accelerate the reaction of NOx removal.

M-01 V-Ti-W catalyst- The optimal operating temperature: 250-400°C, and max 420°C.

M-02 V-Ti catalyst- The optimal operating temperature: 250-330°C, and max350°C.

4NO+4NH3 (Ammonia)+O2---4N2+6H2O

4NO+2(NH2)2CO (Urea)+O2---4N2+4H2O+2CO2

t Application

-     Used for industrial pollutants filtration such as particulate, dust, HCl, SO2, and NOx.

-     For incinerators, glass furnaces, cement production, boiler, gasification processes, soil remediation, ship/harbor APC, catalyst/heavy metals recovery, mineral processing, metal smelting, power plants, sludge incinerator, lime kiln and so on.

t Specification

-        Size Dimension of Ceramic Filter






O.D. of ceramic filter

150 mm

Max.152 mm


I.D of ceramic filter

110 mm

Min. 104 mm


O.D. of flange

195 mm

Max. 196 mm, Min. 190 mm


height/thickness of flange

30 mm

± 2 mm


length of ceramic filter

3000 mm

Min. 2950 mm


weight of ceramic filter

weight of catalyst ceramic filter

11.5 kg


± 1.0 kg

+1.0 kg / -1.5 kg


filtration surface of ceramic filter

1.4 m2


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