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Puretek bi-functional ceramic filter and multi-functional catalyst ceramic filter are Taiwan made products mainly applied to filter industrial waste gas, remove dangerous pollutants and recycle powder processed at high temperature.

Replace Bag Filter:Similar usage and high pressure impulse backwashing to traditional bag filter.

High-temp resistant & anti-corrosion:greater performance on high-temperature resistance and corrosive chemical resistance than bag filter.

Extended Lifespan: Longer lifespan than ESP.

Heat Recycling:The clean air after removal of dust and SOx at high temperature is more valuable to be recycled.

Puretek - Target pollutants: Dust on process + Dust from deSOx process

Ceramic fiber filter are installed to the hole plates of dust collector directly. The product can work under high. Rigid structure provides better efficiency and greater performance on stability of long hours operation.

Help to de-SOx: with dry or semi-dry process, it can remove acid gas(SO2, HCl, HF…) by adding different reactants like Sodium bicarbonate and slaked-lime. Ceramic filter dust collector serve as a de-SOx reacting chamber that slaked-lime is attached as a filtering cake onto the surface to increase filtration performance.

Operation temperature: 600

Transient temperature: ≤ 900

Appropriate operation temp.: 250-375

Case of high operation temperature should be under impeccable engineering design and supporting measures


Puremax - Target pollutants: Dust on process + Dust from deSOx process + NOx +Dioxins

In addition to dust filtration, it can remove acid gas(SO2, HCl, HF…) by adding different alkali reactants and remove NOx by adding ammonia and urea.

Puremax is Puretek embedded with catalyst to accelerate the reaction of NOx removal.

Best operation temperature at 250-330, and maximum 350 .



t    Application

-       Used for industrial pollutants filtration such as particulate, dust, HCl, SO2, and NOx.

-       For incinerators, gasification, waste to energy, metallurgical, glass furnaces, cement, diesel engines power generation and so on.

t    Specification

-       Size Dimension of Ceramic Filter






O.D. of ceramic filter

150 mm

Max.152 mm


I.D of ceramic filter

110 mm

Min. 104 mm


O.D. of falam surface

195 mm

Max. 196 mm, Min. 190 mm


height/thickness of falam surface

30 mm

± 2 mm


length of ceramic filter

3000 mm

Min. 2950 mm


weight of ceramic filter

11.5 kg/12.5kg

± 1.0 kg


filtration surface of ceramic filter

1.4 m2


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