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®   Features

-    The sintering powder contains various ceramic materials. By melting ceramic materials with a high temperature furnace, milling process and chemical treatment, the high quality and stable ceramic sintering materials is produced in the controlling condition of procedure.

-    The sintering powder is suitable for Al2O3SiCAl2O3/SiCCBNCBN/Al2O3CBN/SiC abrasive ceramic sintered grinding wheels. It can be applied to cylindrical, internal, pointed, curved surface and plane high-precision grinding wheels.

-    The sintering powder is applied to the sintering temperature of 900~1100. With the sintering temperature increases, the strength of the sintering increases. It has a lower thermal expansion coefficient (128x10-7). The average powder particle size is around 10μm and the main chemical compositions are SiO2 (60~70%), B2O3 (20~30%), Al2O3 (10~20%).



®   Application

Tile, enamel glaze, solar cell, insulation paint and various sealants for electronic component.