®   Features

Multinational Patented Steamer. Gas-Saving up to 90%!

-              Using Taiwan-made SUS304 stainless steel.

-              Make the steamed food springy.

-              The steamed rice will not get burned or dry out.

-              High-capacity makes wide and effective use.

-              The spacing of trays can be customized for different size of food.

-              Easy to change the burner for different specifications worldwide.

-              Time-Controller System and Auto Water Supply.

-              Auto-flame Adjustment (Automatically switch to small flame once the temperature reaches 100).

-              Heat Energy Recycling.

-              Heat Retention: Prevent the steam from being condensed into water when it flows upon the walls.

-              Evenly Heated: Steam flows not only vertically from the buttom to the top but parallelly from inwall to make the food evenly heated.

®   Application

Meat, vegetable, rice, buns, dumpling, sea foods, ham, pudding, cakes, soups, tamales,


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