®   Features

    CK-NS96 series nano-silica is a powder material of 50% or more of grains of particle size <100nm. It features as light and fluffy in volume, bulk density below 0.15-0.2g/cm3, specific surface area greater than 500 square meters/g and high chemical activity. As it contains OH- bond on the surface, nano-silica is an acid oxide belonged to acid radical of silicate, and hydrophilic with above 5 times water absorption than itself.

    Nano-Silica Series:

    CK-NS96: highly hydrophilic, suitable for water-based system.

    CK-NS96MO: hydrophobic surface modified product, suitable for water-based and oil-based system.


®   Application

-        Nano Silica used to modify dispersion and plasticity of cement concrete, so as to impart properties of anti-bleeding, enhanced impermeability, antifreeze performance, lower heat of hydration and prolonged life.

-        Use as strengthening, vitrification and binding agent for both ceramic & enamel and glaze. Also a high heat binding agent for engineer-grade ceramics and refractory materials.

-        Modifier of nano-composite materials, used as inorganic adhesive agent at high temperature; Use as additive to inorganic composite materials for strengthening, shaping, and filling material for rubber/polymer materials. In addition, can be used as engineering material for various resins; Quality FRP corrosion-resistant filler.

-        Serves as reinforcement raw materials for oil-well cement sealing, underwater sealing, and underground works; the following properties: Engineering shielding, radiation prevention, invisibility, conductivity, and bacteria prevention; Conducive for chemical absorption, catalysis, and enhancement.

-        Special uses, such as lamps spray paint, lubricating oil, thickening agent, steel dehydrogenation agent, and interior paint photosensitive material. Energy storage filler for solar cells and power batteries.